Blazer, £70, Prom dress, £70

Caped Minidress £75

T-Shirt £32 Vinyl Skirt £45

With the 1970’s sweeping into our wardrobes again this summer, high street hero, Topshop have decided not to simply throw some tassles and mirrored embellishment on their garments – they’re digging out their best pieces and re-working them in a new archive collection. After discovering some original pieces in a charity shop, creative director Kate Phelan saw a fantastic opportunity to re-visit Topshop’s greatest hits. The collection is a time warp of vinyl skirts, pressed blazers, silver lame and bleached denim as well as a pair of indigo denim jeans inspired by an old Debbie Harry poster.

If there are particular Topshop pieces you wish would come back, you can have your say on social media with the hashtag #bringthatback, from which it will choose more items to reissue. Hurrah!

Topshop Archive hits stores from the 9th July 

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