One of the great pulls of Croatia is how many island’s the country actually has. Not many people realise that there are a crazy amount of small, inhibited islands that surround the mainland making island-hopping a must. When I looked at where to stay and visit on our adventure, Brac kept popping up as a real must-visit location. A tiny island just an hour’s ferry ride away from Split, it’s small enough to make a fantastic day trip but not quite big enough to warrant an over-night stay. Known for its famous Zlatni Rat beach, we decided to not do the tourist thing and find something a little more…exclusive.

Although taxi drivers will push you to visit Zlatni Rat because i’s around an hour away from the ferry port and they want to make a buck or two, if you don’t want to go there-persevere! We took a chance and went to an off-the-beaten track beach called Lovrecina Bay. Around 20 minutes from the port, it’s a secluded sand beach (yep, we found one finally!) surrounded by lush green grass, pine trees and small boats bobbing on the horizon. It’s the kind of place people hire a boat and whizz over to for the day. But it’s still one of the best kept secrets.

We find our legs again after the crazy taxi journey and stumble to the only “restaurant” on the bay. I use that term loosely because there’s no signage, and no menu. It’s simply a small team in a house with outside seating serving beautiful fresh food depending on what’s been caught that day. We had spaghetti with fresh seafood in a homemade tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. It sounds basic but it was honestly, the best pasta dish I’ve ever had for around £5.

With no other amenities around, make sure you bring everything you need for the day, including towels, water and a good book. That’s all you need. With just a handful of other people bathing in the crystal seas, it was simply the best day.

Wearing: Accessorize Panama Hat 

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