Are You A Blushing Bride?


Is your blush more of a flush? If so, you’re not alone…

The moment that diamond slips onto her finger, every woman dreams of becoming the perfect ‘blushing bride’. However, if your blush is more of a flush, you could be one of the thousands of brides-to-be that are filled with anxiety and nerves when they think about their appearance on their wedding day.

There are many reasons for facial redness from heat sensitivity to rosacea and certain situations that make it flare up in the most inconvenient situations triggered by emotions, environmental pollution or simply using the wrong skincare. The stimulation of blood to the area can be brought on by exercise, caffeine, stress, and possibly over a period of time these capillaries can get weaker and less efficient at carrying blood away.

We asked Sally Penford from the International Dermal Institute to share her top tips for soothing stressed-out complexions – read on to find out more.

Five ways to calm your skin…

1. Avoid common stimulants are alcohol, spicy foods, hot baths, cold winds and stress. For skin care you must avoid all abrasive exfoliants, alcohol based toners, artificial fragrance and colours.

2. Look for natural earth minerals to provide a sheer green tint to actively counter telltale redness.

3. Look for products that contain Oats, Green Tea, Vitamin E, C and A, Ginger and Bisabolol for their anti-inflammatory properties and found in Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Range.

4. Keep it simple! Don’t cherry pick products and use a complicated regime. Stick to the same brand and minimise the use of aggressive scrubs and strong hydroxy acids.

5. Keep a trigger diary and note what causes your skin to flush and then try to avoid. Keep your skin hydrated and protected and try to avoid extremes of either hot or cold. Don’t have hot showers or baths or over stimulate your skin. Eat foods rich in Vitamins such as carrots, kiwi, leafy green vegetables, honey, coconut oil and oily fish.

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