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I’ve been surrounded by the popularity of juicing at work for some time now. It creeps into every feature I write and the office fridge is crammed with Nutribullet cups but so far I’ve not joined the juicing masses. After embarking on a three-day cleanse which resulted in flu-like symptoms and irrational rage (you become obsessed with food!) I’ve all but stayed away. Until now! Thanks to the lovely team at Novis, I was given a Vita Juicer to trial for work, so thought this would be the ideal time to see what all the fuss was about.

With Rosemary Ferguson’s new book, ‘Juice’, to guide me through, I got to work. As a top nutritionist (and Kate Moss’s BFF) I figured I was in pretty good hands as a liquid virgin!


This is crammed full of antioxidants geared up to detox the liver, boost the skin and aid digestion. It’s the perfect combination of fruit and vegetables (don’t just do friut juices as they’re high in fructose sugars) so it’s easy to drink and nutrient-dense.

2 leaves cavolo nero

Handful of spinach and kale

2 stalks celery

1 apple

1/2 pear

8 raspberries

lime juice


This is more of a smoothie than a juice and is great to relax your system. Full of potassium and magnesium, it’s perfect to drink before bed or when you’re having a stressful day.

1 banana

250ml almond milk

5 almonds

1 tsp ground cinnamon


Watercress is higher in vitamin C content than oranges so this is a great skin-booster juice. The kale helps to detox the body while the vitamin A found in carrots strengthens skin tissue.


Handful of kale

Handful of watercress

2 carrots

Juice of 2 oranges


The mango in this juice will help your digestive enzymes when you’re stressed or run down. Packed full of B vitamins, I also added watercress as I wanted a shot of vitamin C as well.

1 mango

Handful of cavolo nero

1 carrot

Juice of 1 lemon

Watercress (optional)


Although the Vita Juicer is a little more industrial in size than most on the market, it’s super quiet and has options to include pulp or not (for those who don’t like bits!) As well as looking sleek and stylish (it comes in seven colourways) it’s easy to wipe clean and put together. The only aspect that was disappointing is that it doesn’t react well to nuts and seeds. I tried to add spirulina powder and almonds which were briskly spat out and didn’t sound too good against the small splinter blades.

Vita Juicer, £299, Novis



Stumbling across a small country pub in the sleepy village of Filkins, Gloucestershire, it’s hard to imagine that there’s a lot more to this traditional watering hole than first meets the eye. When owners Sebastian and Lana Snow decsended on the suburban surroundings from London with their young family, they transformed this 18th-century Cotswold stone building into a vibrant local with a warm, family-feel and the occasional familiar face. Having trained under Anthony Worrall Thompson. Sebastian originally took up the role of head chef at the nearby gastro pub, The Swan before opening the Five Alls with his wife. The interior is stylish and comfortable with no danger of intimidation thanks to the hands of Sebastian’s sister, the interior designer Miranda Snow. Mismatched rugs, original fireplaces and low beams are combined with vintage wallpapers, leather Chesterfields and modern prints, adding a touch of city cosmopolitan to the mix.

After a day of rambling, the menu is a welcome selection of sharing platters, pub classics and the odd superfood salad (it does have nutritionist, Rosemary Ferguson as an investor after all). Usinf fresh, locally-sourced produce I opted for the slightly flavourless Butternut Squash, Goats Cheese and Lentil salad which came in a sizeable portion and defeated me within minutes. Although scattered with pomegranates, the dish was overwhelmed with lentils, leaving little room for any other flavours to come through. However, the main course was a welcome taste sensation of Open Ravioli of Crab, Chilli, Coconut and Pangrattata. The overly-generous portion of crab was perfectly accompanied by a hint of spice and creamy coconut accents in between fresh pasta sheets. To finish, the Peacan Pie was sweet, earthy and wonderfully festive.

With Prime Minister’s adorning the walls, Take That members eating at the next table and staff talking about Kate (Moss, of course) as though she is just another regular, Five Alls is a gem in the Cotswold countryside, and an unassuming venue for the odd celeb-spot.