Is it just me or has contouring been done to death? As effective and revolutionary as it may be, I’m a little bored of seeing people’s stripy faces plastered over Instagram. Let’s face it, unless you are or have a professional make-up artist to hand, it still looks like you’ve smeared a muddy camouflage strip onto your face.  Enter strobing – the new make-up technique taking the industry by storm. But, despite what I originally thought-it has nothing to be with strobe lights!!

So, what is it? In short, it’s contouring in reverse. Instead of creating shadows on different parts of your face, you highlight the highest points where the light naturally hits to give you a beautiful glow. Nothing new, right? Kind of. Where we would normally put a dash of highlighter perhaps on the apples of our cheeks, strobing also focuses on the brow bones, centre of the forehead, the chubby bit of the chin and along the bridge of the nose. But before you reach for that concealer, the art of strobing is all down to the products that you use. It can’t be achieved with a cover-up or normal base make-up, it has to be a highlighter that includes light-reflecting pigments with lilac pigments for pale skin and golden tones for darker skintone.

So put that dirty-looking bronzer away ladies, and see the light!