Now that I’m exposing my limbs on a daily basis as summer makes an (occasional) appearance, leg care is actually becoming a reality. Although I got away with stealing my boyfriend’s razor for the the once-a-week (Ok, once-a-month) shave in the winter months, now I’ve upped my game, he’s noticed. And his hiding places are getting better, so I need to bite the bullet and be a grown-up – I need to invest in my own. 

I can think of better things to do on a Sunday night than research the best razor’s but as I did, I was momentarily distracted by Jessica Alba’s flawless stems. As the new face of Braun, Alba’s new campaign for the electrical company couldn’t have been on more persuasive as she endorsed the brand’s hair removal collection.

Speaking about her beauty regime, the actress and entrepreneur said; “Feeling ready to face the day head-on is super important in my life. I’m a busy working woman, and whether I’m at a yoga class, on a red carpet or in a business meeting, I’m often on show and feeling totally in control of my beauty gives me the confidence to perform at my best. Like most women, I don’t have the time to run around town to endless beauty appointments, so the great thing about Braun is that their products give me the power to control my own beauty routine.

“I love having smooth, silky skin every day because it makes me feel really good about myself. With Braun, there’s no need for “in-between” beauty days which means I know that my hair and skin will always look their best, and in turn, help me make the most of my day.”

I hear you Jess. Suddenly I’m feeling all womanly and proud of my new razor purchase!

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