Now, I don’t normally do a lot of restaurant reviews, mainly because I don’t feel qualified to critique someone else’s food. We’ve all seen Masterchef – William Sitwell I ain’t. But, when we were in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant was opposite our hotel and we thought “why not?”

Perched in the cliff slide of Watergate Bay with panoramic views of the beach, the restaurant is fun, relaxed and full of light. Although it’s not quite as quirky as the celebrity chef’s Italian franchise, his creative stamp is all over – from the graffitied walls to cafe-style tables. We opted for the tasting menu (when in Rome!), and it was incredibly. Fast. But incredible! Seven light and delicious dishes that made me completely let go of my inhibitions, including my fear of scallops after a particularly bad experience involving a seagull and a night spent on the bathroom floor (another time).

Thankfully, this was nothing but delicious – from the crispy pig’s ears and quail’s egg (it’s not as gross as it sounds, it’s just like crackling) to the mozzarella di bufala with blood orange and funky leaves. And to finish it off? It had to be the amedei chocolate torte, yoghurt gelato and hazelnut praline followed by a walk on the beach.

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