There’s nothing that puts a spring in your step than skipping out of the hairdresser with a new do. I did just that last week by re-visiting my roots (no pun intended) and going back to blonde. But as a brunette for the last six years I got home and realised that I was completely unprepared – what shampoo did I have to use? Would my regular one turn my hair green? I panicked and left my tresses unwashed for two days while I researched my options. Extreme? Yes. Dramatic? Absolutely. Worth it? Definitely! Here are some of the best shampoos, conditioners and masks to keep your golden tresses glowing…


With grey hair not going anywhere this summer, L’oreal’s silver shampoo is also suitable for platinum blondes as it reduces yellow tones and gives lighter hair brilliant shine. After the second use, I could already see the more ash highlights in my hair were brighter and shinier.

L’oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo, £29.55 


Anyone with coloured hair will know that there’s no two ways about it – it ruins your hair. Split ends, frazzled lengths, you name it – it’s not ideal. Luckily Pureology specialise in this and they have developed a mask that promises to protect your hair against breakage as it strengthens the fibre in your strands. It’s consistency is thick and creamy, it smells divine and left my hair silky soft without weighing down the volume.

Pureology Colour Fanatic Instant Deep-Conditioning Mask, £24.50 


I’ve always struggled to find a daily conditioner that doesn’t make my fine hair feel paper thin but this conditioner leaves my poor strands shiny, thick and protected. And as Intelligent Nutrients is a natural brand, it’s guilt-free lathering!

Intelligent Nutrients Pureserve Colour Saving Conditioner, £21


Any blonde worth her salt knows that bleach sucks the life out of hair and leaves it looking more like Worzel Gummidge than Gigi Hadid. Enriched with exclusive Kera-Bright system, violet leaf extract and lactic acid, Redken’s Blonde Idol Mask melted into my hair instantly and left my hair softer than silk – even two washes later.

Redken Blonde Idol Mask, £17.25 toniandguy.com


Going blonde is a big decision, so you can imagine my face when I discovered my newly coloured strands turning yellow. So thank god for L’oreal’s Colour Corrector – just 10 minutes of leaving it to soak into wet hair and any brassiness had gone. Phew!

L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Color Corrector Blondes, £11.99 

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