Fresh from her title as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman by People Magazine, Jennifer Aniston has let us in on a few insider secrets of her beauty regime.

Talking to Refinery 29, the Hollywood heavyweight revealed that her husband Justin Theroux also has a penchant for her products. “He uses my beauty products, that is for sure,’ Jennifer told Refinery 29. “He’ll just go right in there. We have a good Sunday-night mask together. That is when I put my Restore mask in my hair, I’ll do a scrub, and I’ll do a sheet mask or a cream mask. It’s all about maintenance, baby.”

Photo: Terry Richardson

Photo: Terry Richardson


In the same interview, Jennifer revealed the secret to her youthful complexion. “I discovered the oxygen facial when I was doing Friends,’ Jennifer said. ‘My makeup artist had her own little oxygen tank, and before we’d go into hair and makeup for the show she’d give us a 10-minute little facial. I do love oxygen facials when I can get to them. I think they’re very good for us, our skin.”
(Googles where to get an oxygen facial immediately!)

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