They’re a must-have for make-up artists and celebrities alike but you don’t have to be a pro to apply false eyelashes. There’s no denying that they’re tricky – we’ve all experienced them falling off, getting stuck to our dress or ending up as a third eyebrow, but these top tips can make mishaps a thing of the past…


Many people think that falsies come as standard but the majority of eyelashes need to be trimmed down to size. Using fine scissors, cut them so that they’re just a fraction longer than your natural length – the aim is to give them a subtle boost, not imitate a Vegas showgirl!


Although lashes come in a set, don’t be afraid to carefully cut them up into individual lashes or a set of two or three for a more realistic finish.


What many companies don’t tell us is that eyelash glue take 10-15 seconds to go tacky – just what we need to secure the lashes properly. After applying, the glue wait for it to set before moving on with the process.


One of the great things about investing in good quality false lashes is that you can use them again and again. Simply wipe off the glue and store in an air-tight container until the next time.

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