If you frantically scroll through Instagram for style inspiration at night (we’ve all been there!) until your thumb tires out, Sweden’s new fashion concept is for you. Sharewear utilizes social media to give users the opportunity to borrow clothing items uploaded by fellow uses. Here’s how it works:

Use the hashtag #sharewear on Instagram to view other like-minded ‘shwoppers’. If you see something you like, be quick to comment as the first person to do so will get it.

Set up a meeting with the person that is currently in possession of the item. Sharewear don’t provide a shipping service, so make sure you are able to pick it up in person. This may be tricky if you see something on a resident New Yorker!

After a week it is time to share the item forward by posting it on Instagram, adding the hashtag #sharewear and your geolocation.


A good idea in theory but raises way too many risks – what if someone trashes your clothes? With no one to ‘police’ the process, it could get messy with no one accountable. You’re also very limited to what you borrow as you have to pick up the item yourself.

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