Returning to the office after Christmas is nothing short of depressing. But instead of sitting amongst the tanned and relaxed that escaped for New Year while desperately pinching my pasty complexion, I decided to follow suit this year and spend a few days on the slope. My plan of returning to the office with a light golden “ski tan”, bright eyed and totally rested were dashed when it snowed heavily 24/7 making my face wind-chapped and my muscles sore and fatigued from working extra hard to get down the bloody mountain. Not ideal.

However, after discovering the new beauty trend, I figure I can fake it til I make it. Forget strobing and contouring, this winter it’s all about ‘Stripping’, or ‘Sun-Stripping’ is a new placement of bronzer that, according to the experts is ‘a much cooler, authentic new take on bronzing’. So here goes…

  1. Exfoliate the face to reveal a glowing complexion (or there abouts!)
  2. Apply a face oil to plump the skin and hydrate
  3. Apply concealer and foundation as normal (try a light diffusing one that’s sheer to give a natural finish)
  4. Take a matte bronzer and sweep it from the centre of your nose to the top of your ear on both sides of the face.
  5. Finish with a hydrating lip balm, groomed and defined brows and a dash of highlighter on the brow arch and tear duct to make eyes shine.


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