Her first book celebrated the female body, whatever its size, and won her a new legion of fans. But Cameron Diaz’s follow-up title, The Longevity Book has attracted some slightly harsher critics – and that’s before they’ve opened it. With her blonde locks pulled back and her make-up free complexion filling the cover, her lined skin is a stark contrast to the airbrushed images we’re used to seeing.

With social media quickly picking up the 43-year-old’s brave choice of cover, it wasn’t long before the negativity commenced. “I won’t be taking anti-ageing advice from her”, wrote one Twitterer while another said “her skin isn’t showing the ‘privilege of time'”. I literally could not believe what I was reading. Diaz’s fight against the Hollywood norm (she’s famously rejected getting her broken nose fixed) of botoxed foreheads and chemical peels has been well documented and is what’s made her one of the most loveable figures in Tinstle Town.

We’re all becoming a little so obsessed with unrealistic portrayals of women and the idealistic picture of beauty that an honest account of what a forty-something actually looks like is shocking – there’s something very wrong with that. With an award-winning smile and a carefree attitude, I hope that when I reached Diaz’s age I have the same happiness etched on my face, crows feet and all!

The book, Diaz says, covers all aspects of aging, and ‘how to do it with strength, grace, health and wisdom’. The Longevity Book is out on the 5th April

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