While we all get ready to spend Christmas with our loved ones, it’s easy to forget that celebs will be doing the same. Although some may be living like an A-List on a remote island surrounded by a bevvy of beauties, servents and private jets, Kendall Jenner won’t be one of them. The down-to-earth teen shares her holiday plans on The Estee Edit

What is your signature holiday beauty look?
A good red lip.

Your 5 holiday beauty must-haves are?

  • Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion in Lethal Red
  • Little Black Primer™
  • Modern Muse Le Rouge
  • Little Black Liner
  • Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact

Favorite holiday scent?
Modern Muse Le Rouge.

Why do you think fragrance is the perfect gift for the holiday?
It’s cold and you need to cuddle with someone, so you better smell good!

What is your favorite thing about the holidays and why?
I enjoy the love that’s in the air and the magic that you can feel!

Where are you spending the holidays? Are you traveling anywhere?
I haven’t planned anything yet, but I love being home with my family.

Do you have an annual holiday tradition?
We have a Christmas Eve party at my mom’s house every year.

How do you stay fit with all the holiday parties? Any secrets you can share?
I try to stay fit by going to the gym when I have the time and not eating ALL the cookies I see.

What are your favorite places to shop for gifts and why?
I love going to Barneys to buy gifts because they have everything! Plus it’s always Christmas-y!

What is your favorite type of gift to give?
I love giving sentimental gifts.

What is the perfect housewarming gift for the host of the party?
A great bottle of wine or a nice decorative blanket.

What is your favorite holiday song?
Anything Babyface—he’s so good!

What is your attire for holiday cocktail parties?
Something sparkly!

What is your favorite holiday film?
My favorite holiday film is How the Grinch Stole Christmas…I like when his little heart grows!

What is your favorite holiday food?
My favorite holiday food is a sweet potato soufflé.

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