With her lithe limbs and angular features it’s no wonder Anja Rubik is the 9th highest supermodel in the world. But it’s not her super-slight figure that’s won her a contract promoting Kerastase’s ‘Visions of Style II’ campaign, it’s her golden blonde tresses.

Her work for Kérastase to launch their new super versatile L’Incroyable Blowdry (which launches into salons in April), sees her sporting 10 very looks created by stylist to the A-List Luigi Murenu.

L’Incroyable Blowdry is a heat-activated styling lotion that allows your hair to be styled, restyled and styled again. One application gives your hair hold but each time you heat it with your hairdryer it reactivates and holds whatever style you come up with next. There’s no need for layers upon layers of styling products and hairsprays with this little gem – you can apply it in the morning, style your hair for work, and then – with a dose of heat – restyle your hair nine hours later for a night out


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