We hate it, curse it, and try to scrub it away but cellulite is something that affects almost all women at some stage in their life. Whether the problem area is the tummy, bum, legs or even arms, that orange-peel effect can appear on all body types no matter how fit and healthy you are. But as much as we long for smooth, toned skin, it’s not something to get stressed out or worried about because help is at hand.

 Cellutox Active Body Oil, £34 Elemis, Body Lift Cellulite Control, £37 Clarins


Packed full of algae, green coffee extract and essential oils, this is perfect for eliminating toxins due to its fat-burning effect. It’s a thick and hydrating cream but don’t be fooled to slather it on – a little goes a very long way. It takes a long time to sink in so make sure you’re not in a rush when you apply! After three weeks I noticed that my skin was soft and supple but didn’t have a lasting affect.

RATING: 7/10


With sea buckthorn, sea fennel, lemon and juniper essential oils, Elemis brings the spa to your bathroom with its Cellutox oil. Be under no illusion – this won’t shed inches off your waist, legs or derriere like some believe but it will tone and hydrate the skin. Try to dry body brush for 5-10 minutes beforehand to help the product sink into the epidermis layers of the skin and blast those fatty deposits. Although it’s an oil it’s not greasy – it sinks into the skin beautifully which meant I could get dressed five minutes after applying. After two and a half weeks use, my skin felt firmer, and looked a lot smoother – a lovely all-rounder to use.

RATING: 9/10


As the first product to target both early and stubborn cellulite, this rich and creamy product is an absolute dream. Using caffeine in extracts of scabious, geranium and cang zhu with escine (a molecule obtained from Indian chestnuts) and hazelnut oil to boost hydration, it is a force to be reckoned with. I loved how cold and tangy this felt as it gently burnt away toxins and sunk into the skin almost immediately. I felt it working for over an hour after application and my skin feels toned and firm after just a week.

RATING: 10/10

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