When you hear that a celebrity has designed something, we can be forgiven for being a little, well, sceptical shall we say. After all, there’s been some pretty horrendous end results over the years. However, when the celeb in question played a fashion darling in a top TV series and is known as a style icon, it suddenly becomes a must-have buy.

New mother Blake Lively has teamed up with American accessories company Sandast to create a leather satchel-style baby bag. Now, I don’t normally post about baby products but this could not be further from the typical wipe-able bags we’re used to seeing. Hand-distressed and complete with a premium plaid lining, the bag retails on the brand’s website as well as Lively’s lifestyle blog Preserve for $860 (approximately £560), and comes in a variety of different colourways. Hmm…not something you may want to waste on a child!!

And not surprisingly, the new tote has been named after the actress’s 8 month old daughter, James Reynolds. Aw!

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