There’s something about the words “behind-the-scenes” that still gives me butterflies. The September Issue, Dior & I and most recently Christian Louboutin: The World’s Most Luxurious Shoes – I’m obsessed with them all. I’m not sure why because I work on two magazines and have been part of the backstage team in many fashion weeks and celebrity shoots. But there’s something about seeing the hard work and drama behind the perfect marketing campaigns and glossy lookbooks that makes you feel part of the gang.

So when I heard there was a video giving us a sneak peek into the goings-on of high street retailer, Coast, I couldn’t push play quick enough. Creative sketches, rows of material and brainstorming production meetings give us a unique insight into the hard work and, lets face it, good fun that goes into each collection.

From the drawing board to the glamorous photoshoot, we see how those beautiful prints end up on our go-to summer dress or what the inspiration is behind that fringed LBD we’re coveting for the Christmas party (it’s not that far away!) Although the video obviously doesn’t show assistants scurrying around steaming (I remember the days fondly) or the model recalling last night’s shenanigans (a story for another time) it does, however, give us a preview of what we can expect to see on the rails come autumn. Something tells me that the faux fur jackets, luxe printed trousers and gold sequin mini dresses are going to feature heavily in our AW15 wardrobes alongside gorgeous jewel-hued lace and high-neck blouses.

There may not be any Anna Wintour-style scoldings our designer hissy fits, but it’s an insightful look into one of our favourite high street stores.

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