When it comes to choosing my outfit, I don’t start with my hair, accessories or even the clothes themselves. I start from the bottom up – with the shoes. I’m not sure why, I’m a journalist, so they’re under my desk 90% of the time on a day-to-day basis, but there’s something about that that makes me feel good. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley may believe that underwear is that little feel-good secret that only you know about under your clothes, mine is my shoes under my desk!

Swiftly replacing the trusty black stiletto, there’s something about a nude shoe that’s impossibly chic, unapologetically feminine and somehow makes you feel more put-together (even when we’re not!). But choosing such a hue has become something of an art in itself. Suddenly, we’re unsure of our skintone – is there more than one shade? Can I get it wrong? The answer on both accounts is, yes. Unless you head to Kurt Geiger that is! Since I worked as a shop assistant in my local branch all those years ago, I’ve been hooked on their fashion-forward designs for every outfit or occasion. Ok, I know I still sound like that 18-year old shop assistant, but as someone who has way too many clothes and not nearly enough shoes to match them all (42 pairs is still not enough!) I find myself constantly picking up Kurt Geiger’s nudes without hesitation. Plus, us ladies know that when we can run around the city from meeting to meeting or last an entire wedding without kicking them off to the side, we’re on to a winner!

Here are three of my absolute favourite pairs of nude shoes from Kurt Geiger


Frenchy, £80 Miss KG, Glow, £130 Carvela, Britton, £250 Kurt Geiger 





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