Every now and again, there’s a must-have beauty word that gets the industry buzzing and is hailed as the new wonder-ingredient. Although it’s not new, there’s definitely a spotlight on hyaluronic acid. You’ve probably seen it crop up on your radar when perusing through the packaging of your skincare, particularly moisturisers, tried to pronounce it and swiftly forgotten about it.

Although it may sound scary (acid?!) it’s actually one of the most calming properties of skincare. Yes, really! Known for it’s hydrating effect, it’s molecules are actually too big to penetrate the skin in its natural state, but there’s a new breed of HA that vary in molecular weight, allowing them to sink into the deepest layers of your complexion. All very scientific I know. Once there, the HA is able to absorb a ridiculous amount of moisture and keep it there meaning that fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and skin glows with health. Who doesn’t want that?

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