No, it’s not a plastic surgery procedure and you can put your Dyson away – stomach vacuuming is actually the latest fitness ‘tool’ that promises to give you six pack abs. That’s right, not a crunch in sight! So, how does it work? According to  Rich Sturla, owner and director of personal training at Results Health & Performance in England, it’s a specific breathing exercise that targets the transverse abdominis (your deep abdominal muscles) and strengthens your core. Althoug Pilates and yoga fans will be scoffing that they’ve been practising this since the word ‘om’ was invented, it’s now reached mainstream fitness circles and it’s taking off big-time. Interested? Give it a go below.


First thing in the morning when you’re still in bed, lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the mattress. Then, take a deep exhale and pull your belly button in toward your spineas far as you can go. Hold for 15 seconds, at first, then progress to hold the squeeze for up to 60 seconds, taking small breaths as needed. Repeat three to five times.

To make the move harder, try it on your hands and knees, sitting straight up in a chair, or on a Swiss ball. And once you master the squeeze? Hold your naval to your spine while you sit or stand throughout the day.

Breathing for a six pack? I’m in!


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