Whenever I travel I always pack a couple of workout outfits along with resistance bands so every time I get my bikini out for the day it triggers a pang of motivation! You don’t need to go nuts (unless you want to!) but just ten minutes stretching, doing some core work or going for an early morning run keeps things ticking over. I workout five times a week when I’m home and make sure I use my holiday to give my body a break and really enjoy the fresh food on offer wherever I am. But if I do nothing at all I feel sluggish, tired and not as great on the beach as I’d want. We work so hard to get bikini ready, there’s nothing worse than feeling like your back to square one when you get home.

I went to Lefay Resort and Spa to do a hotel review for Your Fitness magazine and was so excited to pack my new kit from Reebok and Fabletics. Having bright and stylish workout clothes makes ALL the difference. Not only does it make you feel great it also makes you look forward to exercising-just like a new dress before a night out.

Hero Warrior Bra, £24 Reebok, Yoga Paradise Capri, £30 Reebok, One Series Elite Short, £40 Reebok, Flyknit Zoom Agility, £140 Nike, Sunglasses, £137 Ralph Lauren, Orange Crop Top and Green Shorts, Fabletics



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