When it comes to those holiday paperbacks, I’m like any other girl and looks for the cheesiest, rom com novel I can find. As a journalist, I read and write all day every day so when I’m on holiday, although I might be expected to read something high brow to widen my intellectual vocab, I actually just want the trash!

But before we jetted off I started reading Living Beautifully and found that I couldn’t put it down, so it came to Croatia with me! Now before you roll your eyes and assume I’m going to persuade you to join a cult (which is what I’d do!) it’s not a scary self-help book like that title would suggest. It’s explaining why we think the way we do and if we’re not happy with some of that, we have the power to change it. Yes, it talks about meditation and how to do it but, it’s more about being aware of how you feel and what you think than emotionally signing off and chanting om!

But, with just a few pages left I may need to hunt out a Jackie Collins afterwards!

Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change £8.54, Amazon

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