When I heard that the etail genius, entrepreneur and all-round business inspiration that is Natalie Massenet was taking her expertise and applying it to a social media platform that allow users to shop directly from the site, I was sceptical. “Really? Yet another social media outlet to clog up my mind?” I thought. But, anything that comes from the woman than created Net-A-Porter (which brings in 6 million unique users each month) is bound to be something a little bit special.

Although it may seem like just another shopping device, The Net Set is fundamentally changing the fashion landscape/ Creating a one-stop destination that invites a community of shoppers and connects them directly to brands that they love and buy from is the holy grail of business.

With all the champagne guzzled at the launch party this week, it’s time to find out what we can expect from The Net Set.

  • Every brand will have their own profile page enabling them to interact with customers live
  • The Net Set is available across iPhone, iPad and the iWatch
  • It’s free for download in the iTunes App Store
  • There’s a live feed of what’s trending across the globe
  • You can still follow friends and trendsetters
  • You can upload images of yourself and watch the plethora of style suggestions based on your image come flooding in
  • Friends can comment on items that you’ve added to your public feed.
  • The Style Council, an ‘elite group comprising the most stylish and influential style icons in the world’, are on hand to advise you on purchases.
  • Fashionistas can buy items from up to 350 collections
  • There are Style Tribes which are groups of specific style tastes such as “Rock Chic,” “Black is the New Black,” “Double Denim,” “Monochrome,” and “The Bohemians,” though users will be able to create their own.

So, what are you waiting for ladies? Get shopping and get sharing!…


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