Every now and again someone in the office proclaims “I’ve found THE most perfect mascara.” Everyone seems to think they’ve found the holy grail of lash-lengthening, thickening and even growing, so when another product promises to be the only one for you, I’m a little sceptical. Bourjois’ Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara uses an old school bristle brush over the newly coveted rubber which really gets into every root and grips onto it, dragging the product through. Although it takes some persevering, my lashes (which are long but blonde) quickly became charcoal black and curled significantly. But with a lot of formula on the brush, there’s no feature to drain off excess leaving you to frantically rub it on the side of the bottle neck or face the ultimate worse – thick, cloggy lashes. Ladies, comb with caution!

Bourjois Push Up Glamour Mascara, £8.99 available from June 

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