There;s nothing better than having a spring clean. Whether it’s your clothes, house or in my case, beauty products! I am a complete self-confessed beauty junkie. I love knowing what everyone uses, what’s good, what’s not, what celebs use, supermodels use and beauty experts use. Which is why I love Glossybox. It’s always a risk investing in a new brand or product but spending a small amount for a sample (and in most cases, full size) that you’re not going to waste, is the perfect way to detox your kit and discover the new.

Glossybox’s new Iconic Hollywood Edition is inspired by the original beauty icons; the old starlets of the heyday, but at a steal of £10!


  • Lipstick Pencil in Kiss, Lord and Berry 
  • Kajai Eyeliner Pen, Pop Beauty 
  • Exquisage Beauty Revealing Cream, Darphin 
  • Barley There Nail Polish, Colour Club,
  • Soothing Bath Pearls, Nougat London 

Iconic Hollywood Edition, £10 Glossybox

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