Sophia-Webster-8-Vogue-18Mar15-pr_b_1080x720_copy (1)Since Jessie Ware donned a comical pair of wedding shoes, brides-to-be everywhere have been searching high and low for a similar pair. But now their search is over because Sophia Webster has recreated the design along with a whole new collection of bridal shoes-hurrah!!

From those cartoon strip flats to more traditional white pumps, the shoes designer has incorporated her high fashion touches such as heart heels, diamante ring heels and of course, no Sophia Webster collection would be complete without some sexy caged numbers.

I am totally in love with this collection. I’ve always known that when I get married I want something really quirky and different that I can wear again and love to death-I think I may have found them!

Sophia-Webster-1-Vogue-18Mar15-pr_b_1080x720 Sophia-Webster-2-Vogue-18Mar15-pr_b_1080x720 Sophia-Webster-10-Vogue-18Mar15-pr_b_1080x720

Sophia-Webster-14-Vogue-18Mar15-pr_b_1080x720 Sophia-Webster-15-Vogue-18Mar15-pr_b_1080x720 Sophia-Webster-16-Vogue-18Mar15-pr_b_1080x720 Sophia-Webster-21-Vogue-18Mar15-pr_b_1080x720 Sophia-Webster-22-Vogue-18Mar15-pr_b_1080x720



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