I’m going to put it out there – I am a massive fan of Welleco. If you haven’t heard of it (tut tut!) I’ll give you a quick run-down. Created by supermodel Elle Macpherson and entrepreneur Andrea Bux, the company dedicated to high potency superior health supplements from natural whole foods. With the help of Elle’s nutritionist Dr Simone Laubscher, Welleco have already created the hugely successful Super Elixir (read my review here) and are swiftly following it up with The Super Elixir Nourishing Protein. Yes, it is as epic as it sounds!
Although you may roll your eyes at another “fad” drink, this is a protein shake like no other. It’s a common misconception amongst us ladies that protein shakes are the enemy. But here’s some news for you-they won’t make you a burly beefcake and nor will they make you gain weight. Not getting enough protein is incredibly common amongst women because we see it as a little bit scary and we’re worried about the repercussions. Whether you work out or not, it’s highly likely that you’re not getting enough protein and the great thing is-protein is actually key for weight loss and muscle definition as, unlike fat, protein is not stored and must be consumed regularly for optimal body function. But before you bite into that steak, Elle’s got a much better option for you.
Vegan friendly and gluten free, The Super Shake is a new generation of protein powders, providing your body with more than any existing on the market. The amino acid L-Phenylalanine is designed to kick start sluggish metabolisms made lazy from years of erratic dieting, stress, or exhaustion whilst also having a positive effect on mood. Antioxidants such as acai & pomegranate hoover up free radicals to slow down internal and external aging, and B Vitamins act as anti-stress on the body for those of us living life at a fast pace.
  •  Balanced blood sugar levels
  •  Reduced cravings
  •  Feeling fuller for longer
  •  A healthy metabolism
  •  Your natural energy and endurance boosted
  •  Enhanced brain and immune function
  •  Shortened recovery from illness and/or injury
  •  Your body in an alkaline state
I’ve been taking the Super Elixir Protein once a day for the last two weeks and boy can I feel the difference. Whether it’s a shake on the way to work for breakfast or post-workout with some almond milk and fruit, it’s substantial enough to keep me going and warding off those scary blood sugar shakes but not so filling that I’m bloated and uncomfortable. And while I normally relish in those delicious post-workout aches and pains since taking the shakes, I’m working harder than ever without the moans and groans every time I answer my phone!
Give it a go ladies, summer is looming and it’s not so scary after all.
The Super Elixir Nourishing Protein, £45
Available from April at

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