As someone who has blonde eyelashes (I know, weird) mascara is my absolute desert island must-have to make my eyes pop. Although I have exceptionally long eyelashes, without a slick of black they may as well not be there at all. But, I’m very picky about which brand I choose. It could be Superdrug or YSL, as long as the brush is right and formula doesn’t sting my sensitive eyes-I’m onto a winner.

So when I heard that Eyeko have launched a bespoke mascara service in Harvey Nichols, my first reaction was-“what an AMAZING idea!” Fronted by the lovely Alexa Chung, Eyeko Founders Max and Nina Leykind (read her interview with me here) wanted to create a personalised service that creates the perfect mascara for everyone.


The service starts with a 15-minute consultation with one of Eyeko’s mascara editors’, during which they’ll select the right brush shape and bristle density for your eyelashes.

At £28, the service also includes a monogrammed mascara to take away with you and a comb to help separate the lashes and create more volume as you build up the layers-ingenius! Find out more information here

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