You know you’re desperate for summer when your hands…go. When I say “go” I don’t mean you don’t have any hands, but they definitely change from being your hands. Somehow, overnight, your soft and elegant-looking digits turn into cold, dry, beastly things that you desperately try to hide under your coat. Just me? Ok then. Luckily, there’s miracle little products like this Mango and Carrot Seed Hand Cream.

Totally natural and full of yummy plant goodness, this contains one very vital softening ingredient:

Carrot seed oil is a natural source of beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A, an ingredient that reduces free-radical damage and removes toxin residues from the skin.The oil that Ambre use for this cream is not distilled, but pressed under low temperatures, resulting in exceptionally potent, thick and earthy oil.

Although it looks a little like my porridge in the morning, once you start working it in, the consistency changes into this delicious-smelling oil that deeply penetrates my scaly skin. After three uses at night, before bed my hands have 100% transformed. They’re soft, supple and smooth without the angry red, wind-chapped appearance. Hurrah!

Mango and Carrot Seed Hand Oil, £17, Ambre

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