It’s Shrove Tuesdays and the frying pans are on standby. Whether it’s sugar, lemon, Nutella or berries, pancakes can be a lovely dessert or delicious breakfast-they’re the perfect all-rounder. But, I hate to be a party pooper but they’re also laden with fat, calories and the sweet stuff that’s not great for our health or bodies. But that doesn’t mean you need to sit there in a sulk with your fruit and miss out on all the family fun. With just a couple of healthy ingredients swaps, you can have a guilt-free pancake day.

SWAP Plain Flour for Coconut Flour

It’s all about the coconut thanks to its low GI. As plain flour is refined and full of nasties, coconut flour is high in fibre, great for steadying those blood sugar levels and helps lower cholesterol. It’s perfect for those who don’t eat gluten or dairy too.

SWAP Plain Flour for Oats

If you don’t have coconut flour, grind some oats into regular flour to make it less refined and lower the quantity. Full of magnesium, oats have great healthy heart properties and support the immune system.

SWAP Sugary Toppings for Fruit

You can still enjoy pancakes without the chocolate and white sugar. Blueberries are a fantastic antioxidant that have been proven to fight off disease, reduce belly fat and improve memory function-remember that! If you don’t fancy blueberries, opt for banana in the morning to help fill you up for longer, aid digestion and strengthen your blood. And for a dessert add mango for a sweetener which can also promote clear skin, boost the immune system and alkalise the body.

SWAP Sunflower Oil for Coconut Oil

Full of fat and toxins that will inflame the body, sunflower oil is not good for you at all. Swapping it for coconut oil will provide you with serious health brownie points. The newly “stylish” coconut oil is high in fat BUT it’s good fat that will give you glowing skin, glossy hair and strong nails as well as kill hunger pangs, help to actually burn fat in the body and improve brain function.

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