Every day I’m inundated with delicious, healthy recipes that literally make my mouth water consistently from 9am-5pm. So, I decided this weekend that I’d put them to good use and try my (baking) hand at recreating some of my favourites. First up was a Chocolate and Beetroot Cake by Green Kitchen Stories. Before you’re put off-I had this at Gleneagles hotel and it was gooey, rich and very chocolatey with only a hint of sweet beetroot as an after-taste. I was hooked instantly so thought-how hard can it be? Answer: very. Although the ingredients are pretty easy to come by, thanks to Tesco’s, I learnt that I really shouldn’t replace spelt flour with wholemeal self raising-no, no, no. The result was flat, a little rubbery, not at all gooey or cakey, but delicious all the same. It grows on you (slowly) and is definitely a work-in-progress! Check out the recipe here and good luck!



Not content with this semi-disaster I decided that maybe I was being a bit too ambitious. Although I’m a very capable baker, this healthy baking malarky is a whole new challenge. The Sprouted Kitchen is one of my favourite cookbooks that I got last year. Beautiful photography, amazing recipe’s that are wholesome and delicious and a husband and wife duo that you instantly want to be best friends with! Their Oatmeal Shortbread Cookies looked gorgeous and were something that Mr G would definitely eat without hesitation.

They were insanely easy to create with ingredients that I had in the cupboard and still included a couple of naughty extras such as chocolate chips and butter (ssh!). Everything else was healthy and light, making them a piece of cake (sorry!) to make. After chilling the log mixture for two hours, I cut it up into 2 inch coins and spread to make a cookie shape. Fifteen minutes later they were soft, golden and smelt oh-so-good. I made 20…there’s 5 left!


Find the recipe and many more in their lovely book, here

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