So tomorrow morning I’m flying to Edinburgh and travelling over to Gleneagles hotel for a couple of days and sampling their amazing spa and fitness facilities. Judging by the snowfall there the last couple of weeks I think warm clothes, snuggly knits and wellies will be the order of the day. Just packing hand luggage used to really stress me out but now I’ve got packing down to a tee.

1, When it comes to warm clothes try to wear the bulky pieces and pack thinner layers for underneath

2. Try to pack multitasking pieces such as pencil skirts and leather trousers that can be worn day-to-night to save space.

3. Charge everything before you go-phone, laptop, camera and iPad so you only need to pack one charger (phone drains quickest)

4. Keep essentials to a minimum-instead of a bulky purse with your life in, take just a card wallet and passport so it’s easy to hand.

5. Depending on where you’re going, beauty products should work according to your climate-oil based products are best for hotter and colder climates to hydrate the skin-especially on the plane.

6. Check with the hotel first to see what amenities they have-if they’re good ones you can forget about de-cantering your favourite shampoo’s and conditioners.

Rosaliac CC Cream, £19.50, La Roche-Posay, Squaline Facial Oil, £22, Indie LeeVita Mineral Rescue Cream, £19, REN 




  1. Hey Jessica,

    You got some useful tips. I really like that you mentioned charging electronics before leaving on your trip. I haven’t thought of that. I always took my charger with me, but now if it’s not too long that I’m going abroad, I might get it out of my carry-on luggage. Great idea!


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