I spend a lot of time out and about; whether it’s at the gym, meetings, work, dinner with friends or drinks with the boy and more often than not, I don’t have time to touch up my make-up. Therefore when a product comes across my desk that promises 18 hours of coverage, I’m interested. The new Everlasting Foundation from Clarins promises not to budge throughout the day thanks to the High Fidelity System which is an invisible microfilm of silicones and natural hectorite powders. The silicones bond with the skins own film whereas the hectorite controls shine and provides a matte appearance all day long.

As it’s winter, I like a bit more coverage than my normal tinted moisturiser as the light is harsh and the weather is cold so I need a little bit more protection. I’m very particular about my skincare and above all want my skin to be able to breathe now matter what I put on it. This foundation went on seamlessly and gave my skin an even veil instantly. You only need a very small amount otherwise you’ll get yourself in a complete mess and look as though you’ve been heavily airbrushed (I speak from experience!) On first impressions it felt a little heavy on my skin and zapped away any hint of a gleam or healthy shine from my moisturiser which is perfect if you have overly oily skin and need extra coverage. Me, however, like to hold onto that little glow so I was a little disappointed.

However, unlike most foundations I didn’t need to reapply once throughout the day-even after a half hour run on my lunch break! By the evening it was understandably looking a little thin so I had to touch it up only on the places I needed it and headed out for the evening. What I love about this product is that I didn’t feel the need to keep checking my face after eating, drinking or if I was in a particularly hot restaurant-everything stayed in place and my skin looked flawless throughout. Whatsmore, it felt hydrated which is vital with any mattifying products.

PERFECT FOR: Oily skin, winter make-up, evening make-up

Everlasting Foundation + SPF15, £27.50, Clarins

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