With my diary packed with boozy lunches, cocktail parties and dinners galore over the festive period, It’s fair to say I’m going to need some help in the beauty department. Luckily, natural skincare company Aurelia have just what I need in their Eye Revitalising Duo. A refreshing combination that packs a serious peeper punch (in a good way!). The cooling rollerball eye dew provides a gentle lymphatic massage ensuring the luxurious blend of actives and botanical s absorb to brighten and firm the delicate eye area. High levels of our signature probiotic, peptide and repair technologies will help to reduce inflammation and dark circles. As fun as it is, don’t get carried away as it can easily get into your eyes and boy does that hurt! On application my eyes felt brighter and more awake-just what I need.

For extra indulgence, the Illuminate and Smooth Puff Reduction Eye Cream is a nightly ritual to reduce inflammation, fine lines and dark circles. With the help of Arnica, Centella asiatica and Butcher’s Broom, I applied a small amount under my eyes one very late night and was so surprised to see normal and rested eyes in the morning. To really notice a difference, it has to be applied every night for around three weeks without fail, but it’s worth every application. Fake it until you make it!

Eye Revitalising Duo, £90, Aurelia


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