It’s a sad day when a company closes but when it’s one that I held so dearly, it’s a little more disappointing. If you’ve been on lately you’d have noticed that some seriously good discounts had been offered. Unfortunately this wasn’t because they were seasonably generous, as today they have ceased trading.

At a mere 19 years old, gave me my first big internship. Before the days of social media (yes I’m that old) I began my duties in the PR office sorting through samples, doing dreaded returns (anyone in fashion will sympathise with that one!), an drifting through hundreds of glossies looking for coverage. Yet, my spirit was never broken. I got to experience the fashion industry first hand, celebs and all, in a warm and friendly team (mostly!) one of which has gone on to be one of my dearest friends. Although it was initially a one-month contract, so seduced by the glitz and glamour of the fahsionista’s walking through the office door, I stayed for 6 months and learnt the ropes of a fashion PR; warts and all.

In the my-wardrobe offices

Not surprisingly, online rivals Net-A-Porter have seized the opportunity and acquired my-wardrobe’s URL to promote the site by directing potential customers to their httl. There’s no time for mourning in the fashion industry, that’s for sure!


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