She’s Hollywood royalty who’s managed to maintain a low profile and rarely puts a fashion foot wrong. But now, at the age of 47-years old, the beautiful Julia Roberts has been named as the new face of Givenchy. Shot by fashion heavyweights Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot and styled by Katy England, Roberts is dressed in an androgynous blazer and tailored trousers as she stares intensely into the lens.


Makeup-free and looking impossibly gorgeous, the Pretty Woman actress has been hailed as “the embodiment of the Givenchy woman, Julia showcases all facets of that character with strength and eternal style,” by the brand. Speaking about his choice to Style.com, the French fashion house’s creative director, Richardo Tisco says, “I respect her a lot as a beauty and as a woman. She’s a very intelligent girl. And a very funny girl. Super-funny. And very confident of herself, which is very much my woman. I thought it would be difficult because Julia really doesn’t do [campaigns], so I was surprised that she said yes.Today, celebrity has become so much [about] how many followers you have, how big you are on Facebook. So many celebrities are celebrities today not because of their talent. That’s fine, it’s the moment today. But she’s an iconic actress.”

We couldn’t agree more…


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