It was revealed Dolce & Gabbana were to be the creators of this year’s Christmas tree at Claridge’s (see here) and now we can see the real-life tree in the foyer of London’s luxury hotel. The 8-metre high tree is covered in glass baubles adorned with international flags and the country’s name written in gold glitter. Inspired by the forest, the base of the tree features woodland creatures such as deer’s, rabbits and squirrels around a thick tree trunk.

To play homage to their home town of Sicily the designer duo have included royal throne and coat owned by a Norman King to symbolise the Norman’s conquest of Southern Italy in Sicily 1061. “Christmas is the happiest time of the year for children and we want to celebrate it with a tree that brings together all the different cultures from around the world. We thought of an enchanted forest where the real meets the unreal, just as it does the night before Christmas. It is a very special tradition because it helps spread our love for Italian craftsmanship around the world. It is our second year creating the tree at Claridge’s, a symbol of London that holds a special place in our hearts,” the designers said.


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