I’m so happy November is finally here. Not only is it the month of my birthday but it’s also totally acceptable to start getting excited about Christmas! That’s right, I said it. Although it’s a little premature for the Cocoa Cola and John Lewis adverts, my anticipation has been satisfied by Burberry’s new festive campaign video.

A vision of frothy creams, tans and checks, the video is set in the make-believe streets of snowy London at Christmas. Clad in the Burberry trenches, and tulle ballgowns, models and dancers team up to put on a breath-taking spectacle, worhty of old Hollywood. And of course, we have to mention the young Romeo Beckham, who steals the show as a modern-day cupid, dancing his way through the team of dancers to deliver a gift of love to a young couple, played by model and dancers Hannah Dodds and Anders Hayward. Whether it’s actually him or a dancing double, the 12-year-old cuts some pretty fancy footwear to make his destination.

Titled From London with Love, it makes me fall in love with our beautiful city all over again

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