It’s one of the oldest recorded department stores, opening its doors in 1875 but Liberty of London has well and truly embraced the modern day with the launch of its new Tapestry app. Customers can now use their smartphones to download the app and link it to their Liberty account through their Instagram handle.

Using iBeacon technology, the app will recognise the likes for various products and brands and apply it to that which is sold within the store. Clever, hey? And it doesn’t stop there; to show their gratitude to your loyalty, Liberty will also be giving away various rewards such as gifts with a purchase, invitation to trunk shows, or extra Liberty reward points, as well as carry a customer’s loyalty data from the store.

As impressive as it sounds, it makes me wonder-does anyone actually use apps for shopping anymore? Although online shopping is surpassing bricks and mortar, is seeing a product on a small phone screen enough? I am an online shopper through and through sadly, but I have to say, zooming in on my iPhone only for the app to quit unexpectedly doesn’t sound like a joyful experience.

Liberty of London’s Tapestry app will be available to purchase through the Apple iStore and Google Play at the end of October. 

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