Just when we’ve got over the excitement of the iPhone 6 (see the low-down here) Apple have got us all worked up again over the brand new iPad Air 2.

So, I’m not going to give you the entire presentation Tim Cook gave to an auditorium of techno-fans. Instead, I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know. Christmas lists at the ready!…

  • It’s 18% thinner than the current iPad at 6.1mm
  • It has a newly-improved retina display
  • The screen features an anti-reflective coating, giving the new iPad Air 2 the least reflective display of any tablet in the world. 
    It has a 10-hour battery life
  • Touch ID technology provides a password in the form of your own personal digit
  • The new iSight camera is the iPad’s camera to date
  • Improved face detection

The iPad Air 2 is available for pre-order today, with shipments starting October 24

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