We’re all told how much we need to drink, what we should drink and even how we should drink it. But now our kitchen utensils can have a mind of their own and cut out the middle man. Th new Smart Cup from Vessyl can tell us when you need to drink, what your drink is and what the nutritional information is. Amazing or a little scary?

With the help of an iPhone app (of course) the Smart Cup informs you of your hydration needs and how many hidden calories you’re ingesting every day. Although it sounds a little iRobot, the amount of dieters and healthy eaters that neglect the nutritional content of drinks is astounding. We cut out sugar, carbs, fat and dairy from our food every day in an effort to lose weight and be a little more mindful; but do they stretch this to their liquids?

The Smart Cup from Vessyl is due to launch in 2015

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