They’re a family well known for their moral views and animal rights but the McCartney family have now taken their Meat Free Mondays campaign to higher ground. Since launching the initiative back in 2009 Stella, Mary and Paul are now encouraging people to visit their website, and forgo meat for day of the week. Teaming up with Climate Change Minister, Greg Barker, he will then take the results to the Climate Change Summit in New York on the 23rd September.

Paul McCartney

The aim of the campaign is to convince global leaders to agree to a climate treaty in Paris in 2015. At the launch the renowned fashion designer expressed her concerns.  “There’s over 100 football pitches of land being destroyed in the Amazon every hour, just for cattle. It has a massive, massive impact…it’s not a sustainable way of eating,” 

Let’s all see what we can do to help by visiting and make a pledge. 

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