Although TwentySixStyle is by no means a food blog, I am indeed a massive foodie (as you will see from my Instagram). It’s because of this that I am also a self-confessed fitness freak. But hold on, just before you write me off as one of those irritatingly smug healthy people, I should also confess that I have a massive weakness for sugar-breakfast noon and night.

However, with a holiday in the midst and a new job on the horizon it’s time to get clean (literally!) With the help of Bodyism founder and personal trainer to the stars, James Duigan, I’m going to make lunches and dinners from his highly popular, Clean & Lean cookbook for seven days straight to kick start my body into health.

DAY ONE: Grilled Sea Bream, Quinoa, Peppers and Samphire

photo 1

photo 4

photo 5

photo 2

And the end result was…Delicious!

photo 3

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